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The Advantage of a Diesel Engine

A vehicle that runs on diesel engine has many advantages over the other vehicles that are dependent on other engines. Powerful torque and fuel efficiency are some of the advantages to name a few but not all. Maintaining a car that is diesel driven is pretty easy too. Acceleration and the overall engine power of a diesel car is not up to the expectation of some motor heads, but what they do not understand is that a diesel engine powered car can be more powerful than what it already is, just by a few modifications alone. Moreover, after this process it does not lose out on fuel efficiency either.

It is because of the invention of Rudolf Diesel's 1892 patent of the engine that we have an option today other than the internal combustion engine that runs on gasoline and powers most vehicles these days. The hybrid, rotary engines are also an option though Advanced Version of DS708. Perhaps North America has seen the application of diesel engines mainly and largely in buses and pick up trucks.

Diesel vs. gasoline

Gasoline engines require spark plugs and they need to be tuned up because these work on an air/fuel mixture to create the necessary power to run the car. Diesel engines do not require spark plugs at all because these use the process of air combustion to provide their cars with the necessary power.

The diesel fuel is of a higher density than gasoline so the twenty to thirty percent fuel that one saves more than the gasoline powered engine is no surprise Autel MaxiSys.

Not only does the gasoline engine have more pats that may need repairing and maintaining, but also the overall lifespan of a diesel engine is much more than the gasoline engine.

Diesel engines are in many ways better than gasoline engines, but that does not necessarily mean that they are flawless. Diesel engines too have their share of flaws and problems and that is the reason why there is not a majority of vehicles in the states that run on diesel engines.

The first reason is that most of these engines can not pass the strict emissions control standards simply because they pollute more. This environmental challenge that the diesel engine faces is promised to be somewhat solved by VW, through its new series of engines that are due to come out son enough.

Acceleration is a problem that can not be solved totally even with modifications and that deters most Americans as a diesel engine requires almost double the effort to accelerate to full speed.

As the days pas by us, more and more technological advances are made everyday, so we are hopeful about diesel engines overcoming these set backs as well. In fact, aftermarket product manufacturers already are able to somewhat lift the low power quotient of a diesel engine to acceptable standards. These experts are raising both the hp and the torque of the diesel engines to significant levels without cutting down the fuel efficiency even by a single percent.

Sam Otoner is an author writing about automotive related topics, and you are invited to visit his website covering number of aspects about diesel engines.
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