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Top Gas Saving Myths

We know that you want to go saving on your gas making it stretch even farther on the mileage and there are a lot of tips on how to do this but beware not all tips are good advice. The price of gas is hitting record level and the auto manufacturers are trying to beat their competitor in sales by offering gas saving tips. The tips may or may not be sound but here are a few tips to become aware of and not take seriously.


• Only put gas in your vehicle in the morning. This theory comes from the idea that colder fuel is denser so a gallon of cold gas has more molecules than a gallon of warm gas. When the molecules expand then you have actually more gas for the buck. This is not effective because the warmth of the gas coming from the pump remains the same no matter what time of day you put gas in your vehicle. Pumps are regulated to remain the same in temperature so there is no need to go out in the morning to fill your tank. You get the same results anytime of the day or night.


• Keeps a clean air filter changing it often? This theory comes from the idea that a clean air filter keeps down the usage of gas Autel MaxiSys MS906TS. In modern vehicles this does not apply because modern engines have computer sensors that automatically adjust the fuel air mixture. It is good for the maintenance of your vehicle to have a clean air filter but it does not help with your fuel economy.


• Air Conditioning uses more fuel. This is an age old wager to use the A/C or not to use the A/C. In the more modern vehicles the air conditioners are much more efficient. You will normally lose about a gallon of gas per mile when driving around town Autel Maxisys MS908CV. When you are on the highway you lose a lot more gas if you drive with the windows down. The aerodynamics increases the drag on the vehicle burning up a lot more gas. When you are highway driving you need to use the air-conditioning which is to your advantage fuel wise.


• Premium Fuel is a necessity for modern vehicles. This is not necessarily so because many of the modern vehicles perform just as well on regular fuel as they would on premium. The high cost of fuel causes the manufacturers to advocate the use of premium gas to help with the sales.

Many of these tips are meant to be helpful and in some cases maybe if you are driving an older vehicle but it is up to the driver to find out what type of vehicle he has and what is good for his car. You know if your vehicle has a computer system etc. just by reading your owner's manual. It is very advisable for you to check the manual before making decisions. Remember that just because you hear it's a myth doesn't necessarily mean it's true.

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